Entertainment – Part Deux

There is certainly no shortage of things to do when in Vegas, from the array of shows and stars and acts that are performing up and down the strip in some 20+ casinos with the highest budgets on earth, to the attractions and beautiful sights of just walking through any of the buildings, boredom is not something that will find you.

Casinos always want to try and one up each other and always want to have something different or better.  Take Treasure Island for example….


Having themed rooms or rides inside the hotels and Casinos is not a foreign thing, Circus Circus has a small rollercoaster on the first floor of their facility.  But the coolest things are not always found in the prominent casinos like you would think.  The first that usually get named are the MGM Grand and the Bellagio, probably because they are mentioned in movies the most.  But then you find a gem like the Luxor, that has elevators that move diagonally…. or in this case Treasure Island that has an Agents of Shield training program and an Avengers show room.

Here’s a short video featuring Stan Lee himself explaining a little about the state of the art one of a kind exhibit!

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