Entertainment part 1

Vegas is obviously known for a handfull of things which usually include gambling and prostitution.


It can safely be assumed that the night club scene in a city with that much money flowing through it is second to none, and I would say you’d be correct.

Some other cities may have a nightclub here or there that may top one of our favorites, but no other city has as many list toppers as Vegas does.

We will touch on some of the cooler clubs that are in existence, the ones you may or may not have heard about as well as hit a few other high spots of the unique Las Vegas night life.


The Brooklyn Bowl



The Brooklyn Bowl is by no means the hottest night club in Vegas, but certainly may be the most unique and in some ways the most appealing.

With a massive dance floor and a large stage (something other clubs don’t have as much room for) the Bowl, for short, is a huge draw for live bands and their fans.

What tops all of this off is the smooth industrial feel that the room has, and oh yeah, did I mention you could be bowling if you wanted to?



With exceptional architecture and an old world meets new worlds kinda feel there are a dozen bowling lanes just off the dance floor.

The Brooklyn Bowl because of its openness and its versatility I think is a great option for small groups that are hanging out together.  It is also one of the only top club spots that is not in or part of a casino, which may be a pro or a con for you.

Have fun and remember, drink and bowl responsibly!